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Chinese Renal Disease Data System
Program Overview

In December 2018, Chinese Renal Disease Data System was established by National Clinical Research Center For Kidney Disease and the National Center for Chronic and Noncommunicable Disease Control and Prevention, China CDC. Academician Hou Fanfan served as the chief scientist to jointly establish a national medical and health big data platform.

Construction Goals

To build a national medical and health big data platform which brings high quality and massive medical data together to provide scientific decision support for chronic kidney disease prevention and treatment strategies as well as models of diagnosis and treatment.

Construction Contents

-- Provide integrated services such as data cleansing, data desensitization, data structuring, terminology standardization and data quality control for medical data from various sources, including HIS, LIS, EMR, etc.

-- Establish big data platform management and data security specifications, and create a hierarchical system of open data access rights

-- Set up a public data analysis platform to ensure data security, de-privatisation, accuracy and accessibility.

Expected Goals

-- Reflect the epidemiological characteristics of chronic kidney disease and the dynamic changes in the health status of the population in China.

-- Promote research on the prevention and treatment of chronic kidney disease in China, and innovation in artificial intelligence-assisted diagnosis and treatment.

-- Apply real-world data to reflect medical practice and support clinical evaluation of drugs.