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Cloud PACS&RIS Services

This service can help hospitals save hardware procurement costs and provide a high-quality service platform for departmental management, diagnosis and workflow, including registration, appointment, image diagnosis, reporting, audit, quality control, image processing, MPR, 3D reconstruction, comparison, data storage and other services to provide accurate and efficient departmental management, work, diagnosis and film reading all times.


Medical Association Services

An efficient and high-quality cloud platform service that connects the different level of hospitals and provides diagnostic imaging services among medical associations, medical communities and remote consultations, also provides customers with fast and accurate diagnostic based on powerful image post-processing.

It enables hospitals to reduce the consumption ratio and the investment in consumable procurement to provide cloud storage and cloud access of image data and promote the implementation of mutual recognition of regional diagnostic results.


Digital Imaging Service

This service connects to the hospital's PACS system in real time, reduce cost of traditional film purchases and enabling patients to get their own diagnostic images through multiple channels such as WeChat, Alipay and SMS, with long-term storage.