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Genetic and Rare Disease Solutions
Benefits of Digital Health China (DHC) Medical's Genetic and Rare Disease Solutions

Convenient Approach to Use

From sample entry to automated report generation, the entire process is completed in one platform with a simple and easy-to-learn interface. Pre-defined report content templates save users time in reviewing literature and provide multiple links to relevant websites.

High Data Security

Permissions can be assigned to meet the hierarchical management needs of different users. Comprehensive data file security policies, encryption and decryption techniques and mandatory access control are organically combined.

High Analysis Efficiency

SPARK accelerates the speed of analysis.

GATK algorithm is used for the raw letter process and unique data acceleration technology is utilized to greatly improve analysis efficiency.

More Reliable Interpretation of Results

Strict quality control and high reliability.

Combining multiple authoritative databases and developing pathogenicity determination criteria based on ACMG standards to ensure more reliable results.

Genetic Counselling with Family Mapping

Built-in family tree system allows users to access the family tree system for lineage mapping and tumor genetic counselling.