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Sample Bank Laboratory Data Management System

The Sample Bank Laboratory Data Management System (LIMS) enables centralized laboratory information management, visualization, automation, data management and traceability. The LIMS system provides timely, accurate, reliable and traceable experimental data, strengthens the monitoring of each testing process in the experimental process, improves experimental management and resource deployment, and enhances laboratory resource utilization.

-- Customized full process control

-- Support delayed reminding and recording functions

-- Display of current personnel pending tasks, delay management and list of all specimen tasks according to role

Specimen Bank Information Management System

-- Standardized management of the entire sample cycle, from collection, incoming, storage, outgoing, quality control and management of biological samples.

-- Data binding of case, case and sample information for biological samples, correlating the internal physical structure of the freezing equipment and realizing the integrity and visualization of biological sample data

-- Automation of statistical analysis of scientific research.

Sample bank research sharing platform

-- A national level data sharing platform for biological sample repositories, to be subsequently extended to city and county hospitals, requiring software coverage, compatibility and convenience of sample information for each hospital

-- To achieve all-round aggregation of sample information data from multiple centers and regions to help research collaboration projects.


The overall layout of the Intelligent Biospecimen Bank Information System