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Precision Medicine Knowledge Base
iCMDB® Comprehensive Knowledge Base

iCMDB ® comprehensive knowledge base is a multi-dimensional knowledge base based on evidence-based medicine level, with the main function of supporting and assisting in clinical diagnosis, clinical decision support and artificial intelligence application on precision medicine level. iCMDB ® knowledge base consists of basic elements such as diseases, biomarkers, variants, drugs and references, including modules such as oncology, pharmacogenetics, mendelian disorders, mitochondrial genic disorders, infectious diseases, metabolic diseases, chronic diseases and risk prediction. It utilizes a variety of intelligent medical retrieval analysis models such as hotspot matrix to automatically connect basic elements and knowledge base, and provides more detailed evidence-based medicine annotations for clinicians' treatment decisions in the fields of molecular oncology, pharmacogenetics and genetics.

iCMDB® Knowledge Base Module


Basic Elements of the Knowledge Base


Structured knowledge base contents


iCMDB® Biomedical Data Coverage


Data sources

• Citing internationally recognized authoritative databases


 Citing authoritative international and national clinical guidelines as well as expert consensus


Journal literature sources