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National Oncology Data Platform

The National Oncology Data Centre and Oncology Data Platform Construction Project, through the construction of "One Database and One Network", has completed the China Oncology Database covering the National Cancer Centre, all provincial and municipal oncology hospitals, all municipal oncology specialist hospitals and all general hospital oncology departments.

Construction Objectives

To develop various innovative applications of tumor big data in clinical quality control, early screening and high-risk risk assessment, disease diagnosis and treatment, prognosis evaluation, out-of-hospital follow-up and management, and comprehensive government decision-making based on big data resources and big data technology around the National Tumor Data Centre. This will enable early or ultra-early cancer screening, assessment of the efficacy of radiotherapy, prediction of the efficacy of targeted drugs, monitoring of early post-operative recurrence, etc.


This will enhance the scientific research level of tumor diseases in medical institutions nationwide, improve the quality and level of treatment of tumor diseases, reduce the incidence of tumors, improve the cure rate of key malignant tumors, decrease the five-year survival rate of key cancers, alleviate the economic burden of patients and save government economic expenditure. 

Scope of Data Integration

The National Cancer Data Centre integrates clinical data resources of cancer patients nationwide, including electronic medical records, imaging data, test data, histology data, follow-up data, biological sample data, literature data and other kinds of data resources.

Building Content

Tumor Data Centre

Establish a tumor big data center and big data management platform, integrate clinical data resources of tumor patients from various medical institutions nationwide, and form a tumor big data center resource pool covering tumor patients nationwide, which includes five major data resource pools of clinical database, single disease database, business application database, scientific research database and basic function database with closed-loop design.

Establish a tumor big data management platform to manage and share and develop and utilize tumor big data resources, provide basic support services for business applications based on tumor big data, and supply data services, scientific research services and clinical diagnosis and treatment services for various medical institutions.

Three Major Applications of Tumor Big Data

The application system based on tumor big data for different objects mainly includes three major categories, which are clinical diagnosis and treatment service application, research service application and clinical management application.