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ShineFly PACS

Cloud PACS&RIS Services

This service can help hospitals save hardware procurement costs and provide a high-quality service platform for departmental management, diagnosis and workflow, including registration, appointment, image diagnosis, reporting, audit, quality control, image processing, MPR, 3D reconstruction, comparison, data storage and other services to provide accurate and efficient departmental management, work, diagnosis and film reading all times.


Medical Association Services

An efficient and high-quality cloud platform service that connects the different level of hospitals and provides diagnostic imaging services among medical associations, medical communities and remote consultations, also provides customers with fast and accurate diagnostic based on powerful image post-processing.

It enables hospitals to reduce the consumption ratio and the investment in consumable procurement to provide cloud storage and cloud access of image data and promote the implementation of mutual recognition of regional diagnostic results.


Digital Imaging Service

This service connects to the hospital's PACS system in real time, reduce cost of traditional film purchases and enabling patients to get their own diagnostic images through multiple channels such as WeChat, Alipay and SMS, with long-term storage.

ShineFly ISP

ShineFly-ISP is the SaaS version of Philips IntelliSpace Portal, well known for its advanced 3D image post-processing technology. As an integrated advanced visualization imaging solution, ShineFly ISP provides intelligent imaging and ready to use services to help realize the optimization of streamline workflow and patient management in Radiology Dept. 


ShineFly-ISP MR Post-Processing Services

Equipped with Philips IntelliSpace Portal technology, MR Standard Package provides access to MR advanced 3D image post-processing services in cloud. The Standard Package offers a wide range of functional modules, including Multi-modality Advanced Vessel Analysis, MR neural perfusion, MR diffusion, and white matter fiber tracts. Options include the Cardiac Advanced package and MRI permeability analysis , providing MR solutions for tumor, neurol and cardiac imaging.


ShineFly-ISP CT Post-Processing Services

Equipped with Philips IntelliSpace Portal technology, CT Basic Package service provides functional modules such as Multi-Modality Advanced Vessel Analysis , CT Comprehensive Cardiac Analysis (CCA) , Lung Nodule Assessment (LNA) , LungRADS categorization report, providing CT imaging solutions for lung, cancer, cardiac and vascular .

ShineFly Pinnacle

ShineFly Pinnacle is the SaaS version of Philips Pinnacle 3, v16, famous as a radiotherapy planning software to optimize radiotherapy workflow, improve work efficiency, effectively save time of manually depicting the organ contour and making radiotherapy plan, and modify the radiotherapy plan anytime and anywhere, so as to realize remote treating and radiotherapy.

  • Empower leading hospitals who want to retain complicated cases and distribute follow up patients in community hospitals by enabling access to cloud-based TPS.

  • Quickly achieve clinically deliverable, personalized therapy plans with fast optimizations and efficient user interface and enable collaboration with higher level hospitals.