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Pharmacogenomics, PGx

Pharmacogenomics is to explore the influence of genetic variation on drug efficacy and adverse drug reaction, and to clarify the differences of drug absorption, distribution, metabolism, elimination in individuals with different genotypes. Therefore, pharmacogenomics is used to guide the development of new drugs and rational use of drugs.


It has been widely acknowledged and confirmed by clinical studies that gene polymorphism and gene exprenssion level can affect drug plasma concentration and sensitivity, leading to a wide range of drug responses.

PGx One - stop Solution -Multi - channel fluorescence quantitative analyzer

1)       Short running time: Sample detecting and report generation in 1 hour and 10 minutes;

2)       Qualification certification: NMPA certification;

3)       Convenient: Experiment can be performed in a regular lab;

4)       Efficient: 10 devices controlled by one computer;

5)       Intelligence: modular experimental program, automatic result annotation and interpretation

PGx one-stop Solution-kit

General sequencing reaction kit

1) Simple operation: No need nucleic acid extraction and PCR amplification, samples can be used after dilution;

2) Accurate results: It is consistent with Sanger sequencing;

3) High sensitivity: Only greater than 1 ng / ul g-DNA content is required;

4) Convenient: Experimental operation can be processed in a regular lab


Clinical interpretation based on iCMDB® knowledge base

1) Precise work: Clinical interpretation based on iCMDB® knowledge base;

2) Timely update: real-time data update to support clinical decision making;

3) Quality assurance: ISO13485 certification, HSA medical device certification;

4)Strict adherence to the principles of evidence-based medicine to provide clinical evidence and advice on drug toxicity, efficacy and dosage;

5) Integration of FDA, CPIC, DPWG, PharmGKB and other guidelines and extensive research in biomedical literature.

Clair® intelligent clinical decision support platform

An automated analysis and report interpretation platform specifically designed for PGx products.

1) Applicability: Compatible with a wide range of data formats.

2) Accuracy: Automatic determine genotypes to avoid errors by manual interpretation.

3) Extremely fast analysis: The analyzer supporting software seamlessly interfaces with Clair® platform, enabling extremely fast and accurate analysis within minutes.

4) Intelligent: According to gene test results, automatically searching and matching the annotation from iCMDB knowledge base, and generating a clinical report including recommendations for drug usage. 
Recommended test population

1) Patients who require long-term or even lifelong treatment with a particular drug (e.g. cardiovascular drugs).

2) Patients or whose family members who have a history of serious adverse drug reactions

3) Patients who have been ineffective with a particular drug or whose disease control is undesirable

4) Patients suffering from multiple diseases and taking multiple drugs at the same time

5) Certain groups: children and elderly people, etc.