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Recently, the 20th China Internet Economic Forum in 2022 was jointly sponsored by Internet Weekly of China Academy of Sciences, Information Research Center of China Academy of Social Sciences, eNet Research Institute and Deben Consulting. The list of 2022 Gold I Awards was announced online at the forum. DHCtech won the 2022 Best Innovative Application Award of Big Data in Precision Medicine for its independent research and development of advanced technologies and innovative product application capabilities in the field of precision medicine.





DHCtech is the first in the industry to push forward the closed-loop fusion of multi-modal big data such as clinical, imaging and histology, accurate prediction, diagnosis and treatment for multiple diseases (including tumors) and multiple drugs.


DHCtech and Southern Hospital jointly established a standardized genomics data model, built a high-throughput standardized platform for data storage, calculation and analysis of genomics, and a cross-modal clinical and scientific research transformation system of genomics plus imaging plus pathology; DHCtech cooperates with Zhengda First Affiliated Hospital, Beijing Hospital, etc. to promote the construction of a precise and individualized medication system with one medicine and one dose for each (Cited from Internet Deep WeChat official account).


I-China Forum has been successfully held for 19 consecutive sessions since it was first held in 2002. The selection and promulgation of the Golden i Prize is one of the high-profile links in the forum. It always insists on facing all walks of life, exploring the power of China's new science and technology, and providing strategic advice and supporting reference for relevant government functions, economic regions, industrial parks and Industry-University-Research policy departments.


In 2022, domestic enterprises have generally gone through an extraordinary period. Under the new situation, the Golden i Prize and the list continue to focus on specialization and novelty of SME products, domestic software, innovation, industrial internet, digital economy, etc., and continue to keep on the concept of Half-Step Ahead to promote the revitalization of entities, technology and spirit.


DHCtech is a leading domestic medical technology company. It specializes in medical big data, intelligent imaging platforms, precision medicine, and digitization for pharmaceutical companies. It provides complete-ecological solutions for the medical, pharmaceutical, and insurance industries, is a small number of domestic can achieve multi-omics, multi-modal big data closed-loop fusion companies.


Nowadays, data-driven has become an important innovation direction of global clinical development. DHCtech integrates and digs the value of clinical big data to promote the development of drug safety and effectiveness, and cooperates with the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University and Beijing Hospital to promote the construction of a precise and individualized drug use system of one medicine and one dose for each. The goal is to establish an individualized drug use gene detection system and a clinical application transformation platform for the elderly, verify the effect evaluation of risk genes of commonly used drugs in China, establish a clinical drug use decision support system for the elderly, and help the medical diagnosis and treatment model change from traditional empirical prescription to personalized prescription.


With the first-mover advantage in the field of medical big data and artificial intelligence and in-depth insight into China's medical industry, DHCtech is the first in the industry to break down the barriers of data, integrate clinical big data with genomics and imaging data, jointly develop a standardized genomics data model with Southern Hospital of Southern Medical University, and build a high-throughput standardized genomics data storage, calculation and analysis platform. And the cross-modal clinical and scientific research transformation system of genomics, imaging and pathology, with the full chain of intelligent data processing capabilities, break through the barriers between clinical data, imaging data and genomics data, and  help the realization of precision medicine.